Tuesday, December 31, 2019


I hope you had a wonderful and blessed holiday.  As I work on this post, I am taking down my Christmas decorations and starting on my cleaning chores before New Year's Day.  Does anyone follow that tradition anymore, a clean home and all the laundry done and put away before New Year's?  

I grew up following that tradition and I still do.  As I began to clean, purge and organize my home, I reflected on the events in my life this past year. Disappointments, worry and extreme stress for over nine months of uncertainty if I would still have a job with my employer by the of the year.  

Through it all, I focused on one goal at a time beginning with:  remaining positive. Every couple of days I added another goal.  Remaining positive and to count my blessings: a supportive family, all my needs were being met and coffee! The next day or so, I would add another goal: remain positive, count my blessings and continue writing. 

Sometimes it's not easy to stay positive.  Life seems to pick the right moment when we least expect it to throw lemons at us and they hurt!  

End of July my youngest son wrecked driving to work in a thunderstorm and he flip his car three times. It's a miracle his only injuries were a concussion.  September 30th, my husband (and avid deer hunter fell 15-foot face forward out of a tree stand and literally busted his nose open.  It was a blessing in disguise my son was with him and drove him to the hospital.  He was out of work for ten days, without pay.  The grace of God carried us through; we didn't go lacking for anything.  October 3rd, our water well starting producing sandy water resulting in us using bottled water to drink and cook.  Hubby goes back to work and his job is on seven days.  By the time he gets a day off the end of October, it's freezing here in southern North Carolina.  I was a little girl the last time I remember frost on the ground before Halloween!  So hubby tries to work on our water pump, it's freezing and it will not prime, resulting in no water and us having to go to my mom and dad's to shower.  We were looking at having to replace the entire water pump, $600.00.  Still each day I'm continuing adding a goal.  By this time it was; stay positive, no matter what stay positive, count my blessings, enjoy my coffee and God is going to bring us through!  The next day, my dad came to help hubby and they discovered a pipe in the ground broke; a $20.00 fix.  Thank God!  
The point of me writing about all this is not to seek pity; the exact opposite.  We all go through trials and disappointments, some more and worse compared to others.  During these hard times, we have to continue to look up.  If you're looking down, you can't see where you are going, can you? If you're looking down, chances are you will miss opportunities when you least expect it.

Let's start the New Year by counting our blessings, staying positive through the storms in our life and looking up! 

Happy New Year! 

~ Rebecca

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