Tuesday, October 3, 2017

#Superstitions involving dreams

    #Dreams are images, ideas, #emotions and #sensations that occur involuntarily during stages of sleep. (Wikipeda)
     We all dream.  Some are good, some are bad.  Some we remember, some we forget as soon as we wake and some leave us puzzled.  
     For instance, two nights ago I dreamed that I was down on my knees crawling.  I could see my goal in the distance.  There were others around me crawling just as I was.  Some were laughing.  Some were complaining.  One stopped and sat down refusing to move any further until someone told them why they had to crawl to get where they wanted to go.  And some were horse-playing.  I ignored them and kept my eyes on my goal.  The further and harder I crawled the slower my goal came into view. 
     Did my dream have any significant meaning?  To me it did.  My greatest ambition is to traditionally publish.  I #believe my dream was a sign to not give up, to stay focused and to keep working not only hard but smart towards my goal.  

     Here are some superstition about dreams: 

    If you tell someone about a dream you had it will come true.   

    If you dream the same dream three times it will come true. 

    Dream about eating fish and someone is pregnant.  A person who is dreaming about eating fish could be the one pregnant.  This happened to me.  I remember my husband waking me up asking me what was I doing.  He said I had been licking my fingers in my sleep.  A couple weeks later I discovered I was pregnant.     

     Dream about a snake and you have an enemy.  

     Would love to hear from you if you know of any other superstitions about dreams. 

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