Thursday, October 12, 2017

     I have often wondered how and were #superstitions originated.  Were they developed from stories told around campfires from early settlers as entertainment?  Were they a mix of superstitions brought over from the Ol' World mixed in with the new in the New World?  We may never know.  
     Superstitions about #weather has always fascinated me.  I was eager to see it was true or if something would happen.  

~ If #lightening strikes twice in the same place gold is buried there.  Sometimes I think this is true on the property were I live.  Next to my house we have tried to plant countless fruit trees and even dogwood trees.  No sooner than the trees got to be the size of my thumb, lightening would strike and kill them.  Last summer I was complaining to my dad how lightening had struck several nights earlier and killed my plum trees.  My dad replied, 'gal don't you remember if lightening strikes twice in the same place gold is buried there.'  I've have not planted any more trees in that area and lightening hasn't struck nearby since.  

~ If there is lightening during the winter it will snow in 7-10 days.  I have experienced this several times living in southern North Carolina.  

~ Red Skies in the morning; sailors take warning - meaning it will  rain or storm by afternoon or evening.    
~ Red skies at night; sailors delight - meaning beautiful weather ahead.  

~ If the sun is shining while it's raining - the devil is beating his wife

~ If it rains at a funereal the person who past is going to heaven.  

~ In the fall of the year if you see a woolly worn (fuzzy worm) and his coat is more black than a brown/rust color - it will have a hard winter

~ If squirrels are raiding the pecan trees before the fruit has had a change to open from the hull and fall to the ground - it will be a hard winter.  One year we had squirrels to eaten a hole in a 55 gallon garbage can we kept chicken feed in.  The entire winter we had a combination of icy rain, snow flurries, sleet and finally a combined ice and snow storm.    

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