Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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I Remember When......
     Hey everyone.  Does the picture above look familiar to you?  Do you remember trying your hardest to dial a phone number only to receive a woman's voice on the other end saying, "Can I help you?", when your multiple attempts failed in dialing the correct phone number?  Mainly because your fingers were beginning to cramp from holding your finger in the selected hole and trying to pull the rotary all the way around without stopping.
    Growing up, my Grandma had one of these phones and let me tell you; she didn't allow any kid to touch her phone!  It didn't matter that it was ringing off the hook.  For those of you that have never heard an ol' timey phone like this ring, compared to the phones today, it would tear your nerves up it was so loud.  The noise of it ringing naturally gave you the impression that the handset was jumping in the cradle. 
   "Talk on the phone?"  My mom gave me a crazy look one time when I asked to use the only phone in our home to call one of my friends.  "There's chores to be done; something always to be done in a house."  And she was right.  
     I think I was 12 or 13 before Grandma and my mom gave me permission to  start answer and talking on her phone.      
     But in today's society, everyone has a phone or should I say cell phone.  Every time I see a small kid they have some type of phone device in their small hands.  Some I've seen can't even feed themselves but they were 'going to town' pushing buttons and using their index finger to scroll from screen to screen. 
    Am I the only one who see this as frightening?  Or is it because I'm old fashioned?  I, myself never started texting until two years ago.  Yes, it's easier and more quieter to text but society as a whole has lost phone etiquette. 
     Here are some examples I have encounter on my 'day' job and the list is continuing to grow. 
     They are chewing food while talking, talking to other people while trying to talking to me.  Babies are screaming while the caller is holding them and trying to talk to me over their kid screaming.  Dogs are barking right next to the caller.  People are driving down the road with either the window down blowing into their cellphone or Bluetooth or, (this is my favorite) while the radio blasting in your ear to Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird! 
     I once had a person to say, "Lookahen!"  (For those that don't know what that is, it's Lumbee for 'look a here') "I'm watching my favorite show 'American Idol', now get off my phone!" and they hung up.  Till this day, every time I see that show advertised I think of my caller and I start laughing. 
     Last, but not least, their is one that sends me into orbit!  I called somewhere to try to get some information and the person that answered the phone responded with, ''huh?", but they let the annoying sound hang drag out for every bit of fifteen seconds.  I hung up and called back demanding to speak to someone else.    
     Change is sometimes good but not when society forgets their manners and not when courtesy is throwed to the side.  The one thing that causes problems in any relationship is lack of 'verbal' communication.  If society stays on this path, and I know it will, the generations behind us are already at a social disadvantage!      

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