Thursday, November 26, 2015


Thanksgiving Clip Art
#THANKSGIVING ~ I Remember When....
     Today, we celebrate Thanksgiving!  Over the last month or so, I've been reflecting on my childhood Thanksgiving's.  The holiday seems to be so much more strenuous now.  Commercials and TV shows nowadays are pitching the idea that the Thanksgiving dinner is suppose to be prefect, or your a failure.  
     Cooking experts are giving tips on how to cook the 'perfect turkey', interior decorators are giving tips on how to decorate with the 'perfect' elements to make the dinner occasion spectacular and fashion buffs are giving tips on how to dress for the occasion.
    But is that what Thanksgiving is all about?  Sadly, no it's not.  Unfortunately, Thanksgiving has become just as commercialized as Christmas!  
    I remember as a small child we didn't have turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a hen or rooster off the yard, killed the day before and baked in a brown paper bag that had been used to bring home the groceries in.  Does anyone else remember the use of a brown paper bag?  The stuffing was made from ol' fashioned cornbread and seasoned with sage picked right off a sage bush grown right in the backyard.  The first recollection I have of a turkey at Thanksgiving was when my dad's employer gave all the employee's either a ham or turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
     There were no painted pallets with pumpkins in the yard, no lights, no bails of hay with pumpkins and mum flowers displayed, and no fancy wire ribbon or burlap wreathes on the doors.  Any pumpkins I saw were cooked into pies and turnovers.  If any burlap was being used it was a burlap sack to pick up leftover corn in the field that was then placed in the corn crib to feed the live stock during the winter months.  
     There were no tablecloths, napkins, napkins holders, fancy dishes, name place cards nor any candles and glitters stuff strawn  about.  We ate from dishes that were purchased from using green back stamps at Piggly Wiggly?  Does anyone remember those stamps and the gifts the you could get from a catalog by shopping at Piggly Wiggly?  I'd love to have a set of those dishes.  There were very heavy and they didn't break easily.  If I remember correctly, they were made with some type of stoneware.  I remember my grandmother had a set that was a dark-brown,stone-like dish and a set that were tan with flowers around the rim.  If there wasn't enough of dishes, we ate out of tin pie plates.  And still if there wasn't enough of plates to go around, the ones that finished eating first, there plate was washed and given to those who hadn't ate.  After dinner, food was put away, dishes washed, the kitchen cleaned up and it was nap time.  Afterwards, we went visiting other family members.  Stores were closed and there was no rushing to go shopping.    
Those were the good old days.  A time when we stopped and gave thanks for what we did have.  How many of you did that today?  I did and I will continue to do so.  We're so blessed and yet it seems no one is really happy.  So I challenge you beginning this day forward, lets start thanking God for what we do have, even when life gives us a hard way to go, lets start praising God!  He will always be there to guide and help us along the way!
Please join me in my next blog, I remember when..... 

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