Thursday, February 5, 2015


Characters, plots and personal stakes.  It all boils down that these three can make you or break you when it comes to a manuscript.  I've been struggling with my current manuscript, 'When There's Hope for Tomorrow' for the past couple of weeks.  Struggling because I was once told that my main character Hope wasn't realistic in that she was optimistic that one day her family would stop ostracizing her.  It's realistic, it's real and it happens everyday; unfortunately, just ask anyone who lives down South.  
But that's not why I'm struggling.  I'm struggling because Flo, the main character in my first novel, 'A Sister's Love', whom I modeled after myself, and now, I am having a hard time writing about a character who is timid, shy and is a pacifist.  Me, when I get a burr up my saddle, I just won't rock the boat, I'll turn it upside down, and if you happen to be inside, you better have a life jacket on.  Holding my tongue has never been a forte of mine; I'm always speaking my mind.  To my surprise, I find that when I'm blogging I don't write what I'm actually thinking and saying out-loud as I ride the delete and backspace button.  
So I've been trying to visualize what my character would say, what she would do and how she would react, especially when I'm driving and someone pulls out in front of me.  And let me tell you it's been hard.  Flo wanted to come alive but I had to reel her back in and say, 'No, not yet, book 2 isn't finished, your coming back to be in book 3'.  Oh, let's hope!  But I think it's working, at least I think it is; I have new ideas I'm eager to play with, new plots to work on and insert in my manuscript and to me that is exciting.  As you recalled in my last blog, I was at a crossroads: stop writing or to keep going.  I'm happy to report that I'm going to keep writing.  There so much about my culture that others don't know and more than anything I've got stories to tell!  So tell me, do you imagine yourself as your characters?  I would hope that all authors and writers put a little of themselves in their characters, otherwise they wouldn't be memorable.       


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