Monday, January 12, 2015

crossroads : Crossroads in autumn wood.


It happens when we least expect it; no matter how much we plan and when it does, there are only two choices; to quit or to keep going.  That's what happened to me over a month ago when an editor looked at the first four chapters of my manuscript.  Field with despair, my husband told me to take a month off from writing completely; even blogging.  Oh I balked, believe me, but after deep consideration I agreed.
I took a step back, bought some books on writing productively and enjoyed the holidays with friends and family.  So now its back to work; but the main question that keeps popping up is which way do I go?  Do I following what the editor suggested and start over or do I be adamant and stick to my guns?
But to grow there has to be a change and to change there is growth.  My problem is I want to change and grow at my own rate.
A month later, with a clear mind, I'm revisiting and reevaluating the suggestions the editor made.  I'm no longer bulking at the suggestion that I should cut the first ten pages, I'm now thinking, 'Yes, I'll cut it.  Cut it and move it to Chapter 10.'
How do you handle change?  Do you balk also or do you go with the flow?

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