Friday, November 21, 2014


On my way home from Lumberton, NC late one Friday afternoon I spotted this car in the parking lot of a restaurant.  Possibilities of a book, characters  and questions surrounding a car like this began to take hold and before I thought twice, I threw my right turn signal, crossed two lanes and honey-holed it,(as my sister calls my driving) into the parking lot.  I grabbed my camera and started taking photos.  
Don't know if I'll ever write a book that involves a car like this, but then again, the sky's the limit on that possibility.  At least that's what I tell myself.  The idea has formed, the possibility exists, it's left up to me whether I make it happen or not.   
So what is your inspiration? Do you take photos, jot down notes on multiple notepads like I do and they end up scattered all over the place including your car?  One thing I've learned during my journey in writing, is that ideas for a great book or plot can take shape and form from the insignificant events in our life.  

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