Saturday, November 29, 2014


Our tables were laden with plenty of good food, our belly's so full that all we wanted to do was get a long nap, but at 6 pm Thanksgiving evening the kick off to Black Friday sales began.  Did you go?  Did you have your list in your hands, sales paper in hand with the items marked that you wanted?  Did you take your family with you, instructing each of them that their sole purpose was to bring you back that one item that you wanted?  

So often in our world of shopping, getting and spending we often forget the ones who want to go shopping but don't have the patience to fight the crowds and definitely not the nerves it takes to drive in the traffic.  

Today, as I always do every year, I took my Mom and my aunt (my mom's sister) shopping.  I drove them to the mall and this time, might I add, I was able to keep up with them.  Two years ago, I lost them in Wal-mart during that maddening after-Thanksgiving sale.  I called my dad in a panic.  He was laughing when he answered the phone and he said, "You've lost them didn't you?"  
"Not funny dad!" I reminded him. "I can't believe there's so many people in here. Surely it's against the fire marshal codes."      
"Have you called her cell?" My dad was still laughing.
"You know she doesn't even have the crazy thing on.  I don't know why in the world she won't cut it on, but she sure can burn mine up calling me after work wanting to know where I'm at." 
"Just stay put where you are and she'll circle the wagon and come right back to you. As for your Aunt Neil, well, don't know what to tell you about that."
Sure enough, forty-five minutes later Mom circled back around the store to where I stood jibbering and talking to people she knew along the way, while I was sweating bullets.  I called my Aunt Neil's cell over twenty times until she finally answered.  

Taking my Mom and Aunt shopping reminds me a lot of the movie "Driving Mrs. Daisy".  While I'm driving the two are taking and visiting.  It's precious time I spend with them and for some unknown reason that I can't explain, I always find deals with Mom and my Aunt that I normally wouldn't.  

I could have told my Mom that I didn't want to go or that I needed to get some work done, but I didn't.  There will always be work to be done in a home and there will always be revisions needing to be completed on my manuscripts. But I only have one mother and the time that I spend with her is priceless and special!

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