Saturday, November 1, 2014


Hello everyone:
If your not sure what's in the picture above, it's of a cabbage my mom and dad brought me from their garden.  Huge isn't it?  My mom and dad walked in my home and my dad said, "Hey gal, look what I brought you!"  He was all happy and smiling.  "Got turnips, mustard and the collards are bigger than a tin-tub."  I would have had cabbages in my garden too, except after I planted them, the swamp rabbits pulled them up and ate them.

It's now November 1st and I know its officially fall when:
1. My mom and dad brings me the first cutting of cabbages from their fall garden.
2. My youngest son's birthday arrives ~ October 28.
3. It's cold at night and warms up some, during the day - if the sun is out.
4. I can't decide how to dress for work - which has always been a dilemma with North Carolina weather.
5. Last but not least; at my home church, we celebrate 'Homecoming' the first Sunday in November.

I love this time of year as the season changes right before our eyes with a beautiful canvas of fall foliage; bugs are no longer a hindrance when we venture outside and the most important holiday season is upon us; Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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