Monday, November 24, 2014


#Wive's#Tales#Weather.  How many of you has ever heard of such?  It's true whither you want to believe it or not.  Here in the #southern part of #NorthCarolina, last week we had frost; matter of fact one morning it was 22 degrees.  I'm over forty, and I've never known it to be as cold as it was last week for November.  Today the highs was in the mid-70's and on my way home from work, in the northwestern sky it was lightening.  
The old wives tales says that if there is a thunderstorm in the fall/winter, then there will be snow in 7 days.  It happened last January and sure enough seven days later we had snow.    But you best believe, if we do get snow I will post a lot of pics of it.   
Do you follow the weather for when your writing scenes that involves the seasons; taking notes of what is taking place?  What about taking photos?  I do, I take notes and photos.  I always have a pen and notebook in my purse.  Leave a comment and share how you write weather scenes.   

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