Thursday, November 27, 2014


I hope and trust everyone has had a wonderful day; a day where your minds were clear and your hearts filled with thanks and cheer.  When I woke this morning at 6 am; my mind immediately started making list of the things that I wanted to get done and those that needed to get done.  Standing in my kitchen I stopped to give thanks to God up above for what I did have.  A home; a loving, caring family; my health and most of all, a loving God who loves us all unconditionally.

If your wondering about the photo up above; its a photo of the tribal colors for the Native American Tribe Lumbee; which I'm a member.  Growing up, Thanksgiving meant a time for harvest, a time to get prepared for the winter and a time to thank God for his blessings on us.  As a kid during Thanksgiving, I didn't know anything about place cards, fall decorations or fall wreaths of the doors.  There were no pumpkins put out for decorations, no bales of hay and no mums.  Thanksgiving was spent cooking, socializing and eating!  When dinner was ready, the blessing of the food was said and the food was passed around.  Collards, turnips, turkey, stuffing, gravy and peas from the freezer.  The table never had a tablecloth, there were no fancy dishes, fancy glasses and no fancy centerpiece.  The pots were put right on the table and one year I remember we drank out of pint mason jars because I had broke all the drinking glasses dropping them as I washed the dishes.  Those were the good ol' days were the holidays were celebrated with family and not by decorating your house and getting the best deals on black Friday.

So as you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday, let's be truly thankful for what we do have because there are so many right in our own communities who are less fortunate than we are.

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