Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Knowing When Opportunity Is Knocking:

Being a writer is more than just writing.  It's knowing that you must always put your family and your responsibilities first, it's knowing when to stop and give yourself a break; even if you think the chapter is nowhere finished and it's knowing that you have to take that giant step and start promoting yourself.  As I've mentioned before, I've been hesitate about this blogging business.  To be honest it makes me feel vulnerable and I'm putting myself out there in the public eye.  Just this past week, I was talking to a dear friend and promoter of my first book, 'A Sister's Love' about my dilemma of blogging.  She laughed at me and replied, "Really Rebecca?  You put yourself out there when you wrote 'A Sister's Love.'  So, this past weekend I have come to terms that I must do as my main character Flo did in my book; I must grab the bull by the horn and show him who is boss.  Besides, I think I hear opportunity knocking at my door!      

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