Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Have You Ever Eaten A 17 Layer Chocolate Cake?

In my family, when someone's birthday rolls around, my mom always bakes a cake for them and for her grandchildren, she always bakes them something extra special.  A chocolate cake.  But it's no ordinary cake.  Her cakes always have more than 15 layers.  One year at Christmas she made one that was 27 layers and it was weeks before she cleaned up all the leftover chocolate fingerprints from my young nephew.  The one pictured here is 17 layers that she had baked for my son who turned 15 today and as you can see; the family has really enjoyed it! All my mom's hard work and effort is a reminder that as an aspiring writer; the amount of effort I put into my work is the amount of satisfaction I will receive in return.  
When I look at the picture of my mama's seventeen layer cake, I don't think of the cake itself, I think of the layers of my manuscript that make up the chapters.  I think of the layers that make up the characters and the journeys they will take to get to where they want to be, or go.  But no matter what I do in life, each step I take is a layer for me to reach my goal!

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