Sunday, October 5, 2014

     To be a writer; one must have a passion for it, a need like you need sleep, food and water, at least it is for me.  For the past six years, I have associated eating with having my laptop or manuscript next to my plate and some nights I actually fall asleep with my laptop and manuscript beside me in bed.  But the hardest part for me is when I get behind in my chores and gardening.  When I'm in that creative mood and all I want to do is write, which seems to be every waking moment, in the back of my mind I'm arguing with myself that there are chores needing to be done, projects that need to be finished and heaven help me when the holidays are near I never seem to have enough of time for anything.
     I've tried to make a daily chore chart, setting aside certain days to do designated chores.  But while it looked good on paper, it didn't work out as I had planned.  So instead, I've resulted in trying to multi-task and when I'm not, I feel like I'm a slacker.  I'm always caring a small tablet for a 'to do' list and another for ideas that I may get for my manuscript.  And no matter how much I get done on my 'to do' list; I'm always asking myself, "Could I have gotten more done?"  I answer myself with a "yes," but in reality it's no.  I was once told that sometimes in life in order to move forward, one must slow down.  Sounds silly, but it actually works when your stressed to the point that you don't know if your coming or going.

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