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#Adversaries are not exclusively limited to people but more than often the non-tangible that are imaginary walls.

In the last ten #years in my journey to become an #author, I have weathered personal challenges such as: lack of money, difficult co-workers, family who still do not understand my desire to write nor understand the importance for me to attend writing workshops that required traveling, illness (hospitalization - the second time resulted in emergency surgery.  One month after recovery I developed adult-on-set asthma along with a food allergy), car trouble, regret, several summers of battling an over abundance population of mosquitoes, lack of time, the necessary skills and resources to accomplish my dream, uncertainty of the publishing industry, fear of social media - including blogging, fear of failure, and home damage caused by Hurricane Matthew that damaged my office.

Why am I blogging about this you might ask?  Because someone, somewhere els…