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It's always nice to go away on vacation isn't it?  Travel to new places, see exciting and new things.  Sometimes getting there can be overwhelming.  This past week I traveled to #Baltimore for #Women #of #Impact Gala event.  I had everything planned out.  Except for one thing.  Road construction as soon as I entered Emporia, Virginia.  I missed my exit to bypass D.C. and spent two hours circling D.C. before I was able to get in the correct lane to exit onto the road to Baltimore.  On the positive side?  Sitting at a standstill I was able to see the Washington monument from my car!  It's not everyday you get to drive by something so spectacular.  Seeing that was well worth it. 

     Here are a few superstitions I grew up about traveling.  

~ If the bottom of your feet itch you will walk on strange land. 
~ Don't drink the water from a place you have never visited before, it will make you sick. 

Some other superstitions I grew up with: 

~ Right hand itch, you will shake …
I have often wondered how and were #superstitions originated.  Were they developed from stories told around campfires from early settlers as entertainment?  Were they a mix of superstitions brought over from the Ol' World mixed in with the new in the New World?  We may never know.  
     Superstitions about #weather has always fascinated me.  I was eager to see it was true or if something would happen.  

~ If #lightening strikes twice in the same place gold is buried there.  Sometimes I think this is true on the property were I live.  Next to my house we have tried to plant countless fruit trees and even dogwood trees.  No sooner than the trees got to be the size of my thumb, lightening would strike and kill them.  Last summer I was complaining to my dad how lightening had struck several nights earlier and killed my plum trees.  My dad replied, 'gal don't you remember if lightening strikes twice in the same place gold is buried there.'  I've have not planted any more…
#Superstitions involving dreams
#Dreams are images, ideas, #emotions and #sensations that occur involuntarily during stages of sleep. (Wikipeda)      We all dream.  Some are good, some are bad.  Some we remember, some we forget as soon as we wake and some leave us puzzled.        For instance, two nights ago I dreamed that I was down on my knees crawling.  I could see my goal in the distance.  There were others around me crawling just as I was.  Some were laughing.  Some were complaining.  One stopped and sat down refusing to move any further until someone told them why they had to crawl to get where they wanted to go.  And some were horse-playing.  I ignored them and kept my eyes on my goal.  The further and harder I crawled the slower my goal came into view. 
     Did my dream have any significant meaning?  To me it did.  My greatest ambition is to traditionally publish.  I #believe my dream was a sign to not give up, to stay focused and to keep working not only hard but smart towards…
Fall is in the air

 Hello everyone and Happy October.  #October has been designated to observe many things from National #Arts and #Humanities month to Nation #Pizza month and finally #Halloween on October 31st.  
     I wanted to do something different so for the entire month of October I will be discussing #superstitions I grew up with.  Not only are they from my #southern roots but they are beliefs I grew up hearing from my #Grandmother.  Looking back, I wished I would have kept a #diary when my Grandmother talked and told me tales.  Most I remember but there are so many more I have forgotten over the years.  
So to start off, I'm going to talk about #New #Years #Day superstitions.  
New Years Eve, we always cleaned our homes thoroughly including doing all the laundry and putting it away.  The belief was a clean house on New Years day; a clean house all year long.  It was bad luck to wash laundry or have clothes hanging on a clothesline on New Years day.  If you did so, the belief …
9/11 ~ A Day I Will Not Ever Forget

     #Sixteen years ago today, terror struck our nation.  That day will forever be known as #9/11.  I will never forget where I was and what I was doing as the secretary rushed into the meeting yelling, 'terrorist just flew a plane into the Twins towers!'
     That day, my life changed forever as did so many others. The life I had known ceased to exist.  Let us not forget those who lost their life sixteen years ago today but also remember those who continue to put their life on the line everyday to help keep our nation safe.
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#Adversaries are not exclusively limited to people but more than often the non-tangible that are imaginary walls.

In the last ten #years in my journey to become an #author, I have weathered personal challenges such as: lack of money, difficult co-workers, family who still do not understand my desire to write nor understand the importance for me to attend writing workshops that required traveling, illness (hospitalization - the second time resulted in emergency surgery.  One month after recovery I developed adult-on-set asthma along with a food allergy), car trouble, regret, several summers of battling an over abundance population of mosquitoes, lack of time, the necessary skills and resources to accomplish my dream, uncertainty of the publishing industry, fear of social media - including blogging, fear of failure, and home damage caused by Hurricane Matthew that damaged my office.

Why am I blogging about this you might ask?  Because someone, somewhere els…
#Luke 6:38 ~ #Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over will be put into your bosom.  For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.

     Giving is more than #monetary.  Giving also includes, #time, #patience, #understanding, #sympathy, #empathy, a word of #encouragement or a kind smile.   
     No matter how hard I strive to do what's right, (stop in the middle of what I'm doing when my parents or other family member's call to help them with their crisis), turn the other cheek when I'm are being mistreated, help and give to others who are in need, at some point I'm left asking when?  When will I receive my break?  When will I finally get ahead instead of always feeling like I'm behind?  Have you ever felt the same?  
     As much as it stings, I had to regroup, sake off my pity party and remind myself that in order for me to grow spiritually and as a writer that I must remove my p…
Gone, But Not Ever ForgottenTwo things you never have to chase: True Friends and True Love.  (Mandy Hale)

     #Friendship.  There’s nothing like it.  True friends will always be by your side; without prompting continue to push you towards your goals (even when you don't want to), support you when you’re down and cheer the loudest  when you succeed. 
     Friendship is like any other serious relation in our lives.  You must nurture it, savor it and not take it for granted.  Life gets busy, creating chaos that seems never ending.  It’s during these times friends are needed the most.  Laughter always makes the day brighter.   
     From the result of a Christmas card being mailed after the holidays, I received some terrible news several days ago. 
     What happened that the Christmas card got mailed late?  In the mist of recovering from Hurricane Matthew, everything in my office haphazardly were boxed up.  It took me several attempts of searching to find my address book.  (Yes, I still…
#Trust in the #LORD with all thine heart, And lean not unto thine own understanding; In all the ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. #Proverbs 3:5-6
#Happy #New #Year Everyone!  
     Yes, I am posting six days after the new year begun.  But as my Grandmother used to say, 'Better to be late at the pearly gates than to arrive on time in hell.' 
I was glad to see 2016 end due to not accomplishing my goals for the year and the last quarter of the year did not begin well.  The traumatic event of the storm indeed changed my viewpoints on a lot of things; particularly, God is still in control and His blessings bestowed on me and my family.  After developing health issues during my time of despair it were a wake-up call for me.  It were imperative I change my way of thinking and how I reacted to unpleasantries.  Basically, I removed all the unnecessary and useless crap from my life and started relaying on the one person whom has been by my side the entire time; God.