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No  One Was #Prepared for #Hurricane #Matthew       Hello Everyone!  I hope all is well and Thanks for reading my blog!  I hope you revisit my blog after reading this one, because I have a lot to say.  Thanks to #traumatic experience of Hurricane Matthew! 
     Exactly three weeks ago today, the lives of those in the path of Matthew were forever changed. Never again will I not be more prepared than I was three weeks ago. 
     I admit, I was not prepared for the storm like I should have been.  Honestly, no one was.  Why?  Listening to the predicted weather reports.    
     'Oh, it's going to turn back out to sea.  You should only expect to see wind gust 15-20 mph winds.' 
     In December 2014 I was diagnosed with asthma.  When it's going to rain my chest gets tight and I normally end up having to take a breathing treatment to get relief.  The entire week of  October 3-7 my chest was tight and I had to take breathing treatments everyday just to make it thru work.  Th…
It happened on a dark night, on a country road....
     End of September, the 28th as a matter of fact, is when it happened as I was driving home after work.  It was a moonless night and the day had been a very long one.  You know the kind of long days were you want it to just be over so you can go home but time teases you by dragging by and pulling every last drop of energy out of you?  All through the day you keep thinking to yourself, if I could just crawl underneath my desk and sleep for a few hours I'll be ok.

    All week it had been cloudy and chilly, which was very unusual for southern #North #Carolina.  Normally, it's still very warm.  All day, the stitching of my clothing had ached against the very pores of my skin.  It felt like sandpaper scrubbing the bark off of a piece of wood every time I moved and walked.  The uncomfortably cold temperature inside my work hadn't helped any.  Just as soon as I got comfortable to really focus on my work I would get a surging …