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Interview with Carol Graham, Host at Never Ever Give Up Hope Hi Everyone!  I'm so excited to share with you my interview with Carol, the wonderful host at Never Ever Give Up Hope.  I met Carol, along with a group of other wonder authors last October in Baltimore, Maryland at the Focus on Women gala event.  Check out my interview! I hope you will enjoy!
Mother's Day As we celebrate #Mother's Day, I am reminded of a story of a #woman who went to great lengths to protect her son during a time of war.  This is a true story, a story of a Mother's love.  A story about my maternal-grandmother, Annie L Jones. 1968, my mother's brother, who was in the Army, was killed in a car accident in Washington, DC.  Soon after my mother's youngest brother was drafted into the Army.  The day that he left for Vietnam, my Granny got on the phone and started calling everyone and anyone she could to stop him from going to the warfront.  Now, my Granny only had a education as far as the 6th grade.  My granddad went to school up until the 3rd grade.  Granny started dialing numbers, pleading her case.  Begging for help that that she did not want to loose another son.  One person led her to another, to another and another. Somehow, by the grace of God, Granny got the phone number to the Pentagon!  Yes, the Pentagon.  Once again, by the grace o…