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     Happy New Year everyone!  Another year is behind us with a new one on the horizon.  Have you made a new year's resolution, goal or plans? 
     Unlike most, I have not, nor do I intend to because of personal reasons.  Growing up I always hated the week leading up to New Year's Eve.  My mother would have me cleaning, scrubbing and organizing the entire week after Christmas.  The house would be pristine clean and I would be too exhausted to do anything on New Year's day but rest up.  Her reason?  She believed that if you had a clean and well organized house on New Year's Day, that it be that way the entire year.  I know what your thinking.  Your wondering if I still carry on the same tradition.  My answer is a big no.  Simply because I work full time; am currently attempting to re-write a manuscript and I have a husband and a teenage son.  (That alone is another blog for another time).  
Here is a list of other New Year's traditions and superstit…