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#Flashback Friday

How many remembers the Panama Jack t-shirts, sunglasses and other apparel?  We thought we doing something sporting around in our jeans or shorts and Panama Jack t-shirt, didn't we?  I was 12 when they were popular.  I wonder if they still make the t-shirts?
The story of Hurricane Matthew continues.....

   Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest ~ Matthew 11:28

     Hello everyone, hope all is well and ready for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I sure am.  When I last posted it was a struggle for me to write the blog without expressing any of my personal emotions.  As a writer I have focused on expressing my emotions through my characters, plots and stories. 
     I opening admit that I have struggled with blogging because I was uncomfortable showing my personal emotions.  I did not want my readers to read my blog and automatically assume that this was who I am.  Besides, in the world wide web, once it's out's there. 
     In my last post, I talked about the day before the storm.  Today, I'm going to continue with my story.

     Saturday morning, October 8, 2016 I cooked a big breakfast: grits, eggs, sausage and toast.  A normal southern breakfast in my home.  I started doing l…
No  One Was #Prepared for #Hurricane #Matthew       Hello Everyone!  I hope all is well and Thanks for reading my blog!  I hope you revisit my blog after reading this one, because I have a lot to say.  Thanks to #traumatic experience of Hurricane Matthew! 
     Exactly three weeks ago today, the lives of those in the path of Matthew were forever changed. Never again will I not be more prepared than I was three weeks ago. 
     I admit, I was not prepared for the storm like I should have been.  Honestly, no one was.  Why?  Listening to the predicted weather reports.    
     'Oh, it's going to turn back out to sea.  You should only expect to see wind gust 15-20 mph winds.' 
     In December 2014 I was diagnosed with asthma.  When it's going to rain my chest gets tight and I normally end up having to take a breathing treatment to get relief.  The entire week of  October 3-7 my chest was tight and I had to take breathing treatments everyday just to make it thru work.  Th…
It happened on a dark night, on a country road....
     End of September, the 28th as a matter of fact, is when it happened as I was driving home after work.  It was a moonless night and the day had been a very long one.  You know the kind of long days were you want it to just be over so you can go home but time teases you by dragging by and pulling every last drop of energy out of you?  All through the day you keep thinking to yourself, if I could just crawl underneath my desk and sleep for a few hours I'll be ok.

    All week it had been cloudy and chilly, which was very unusual for southern #North #Carolina.  Normally, it's still very warm.  All day, the stitching of my clothing had ached against the very pores of my skin.  It felt like sandpaper scrubbing the bark off of a piece of wood every time I moved and walked.  The uncomfortably cold temperature inside my work hadn't helped any.  Just as soon as I got comfortable to really focus on my work I would get a surging …
You know #fall is upon you when.....
10. #Dove #hunting season is on- #Labor Day always comes in with a bang!
9. #Deer hunting season soon follows.
8. #Corn is #harvested- Tractors on the highway in the evenings always delay your time getting home.
7. The temperature has dramatically changed to cooler.
6. The leaves on the trees are slowing beginning to change their color.
5. County fairs are in full swing.
4. Retailers are displaying mums, pumpkins and all the fall goodies needed from Halloween to Thanksgiving
3. Planting season is in for collards, mustard and turnips.
2. The days are gradually getting shorter and the nights longer.
1. Seasonal allergies has made Flonase your best friend!
Interview with Carol Graham, Host at Never Ever Give Up Hope Hi Everyone!  I'm so excited to share with you my interview with Carol, the wonderful host at Never Ever Give Up Hope.  I met Carol, along with a group of other wonder authors last October in Baltimore, Maryland at the Focus on Women gala event.  Check out my interview! I hope you will enjoy!
Mother's Day As we celebrate #Mother's Day, I am reminded of a story of a #woman who went to great lengths to protect her son during a time of war.  This is a true story, a story of a Mother's love.  A story about my maternal-grandmother, Annie L Jones. 1968, my mother's brother, who was in the Army, was killed in a car accident in Washington, DC.  Soon after my mother's youngest brother was drafted into the Army.  The day that he left for Vietnam, my Granny got on the phone and started calling everyone and anyone she could to stop him from going to the warfront.  Now, my Granny only had a education as far as the 6th grade.  My granddad went to school up until the 3rd grade.  Granny started dialing numbers, pleading her case.  Begging for help that that she did not want to loose another son.  One person led her to another, to another and another. Somehow, by the grace of God, Granny got the phone number to the Pentagon!  Yes, the Pentagon.  Once again, by the grace o…



     Happy New Year everyone!  Another year is behind us with a new one on the horizon.  Have you made a new year's resolution, goal or plans? 
     Unlike most, I have not, nor do I intend to because of personal reasons.  Growing up I always hated the week leading up to New Year's Eve.  My mother would have me cleaning, scrubbing and organizing the entire week after Christmas.  The house would be pristine clean and I would be too exhausted to do anything on New Year's day but rest up.  Her reason?  She believed that if you had a clean and well organized house on New Year's Day, that it be that way the entire year.  I know what your thinking.  Your wondering if I still carry on the same tradition.  My answer is a big no.  Simply because I work full time; am currently attempting to re-write a manuscript and I have a husband and a teenage son.  (That alone is another blog for another time).  
Here is a list of other New Year's traditions and superstit…