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#THANKSGIVING ~ I Remember When....      Today, we celebrate Thanksgiving!  Over the last month or so, I've been reflecting on my childhood Thanksgiving's.  The holiday seems to be so much more strenuous now.  Commercials and TV shows nowadays are pitching the idea that the Thanksgiving dinner is suppose to be prefect, or your a failure.        Cooking experts are giving tips on how to cook the 'perfect turkey', interior decorators are giving tips on how to decorate with the 'perfect' elements to make the dinner occasion spectacular and fashion buffs are giving tips on how to dress for the occasion.     But is that what Thanksgiving is all about?  Sadly, no it's not.  Unfortunately, Thanksgiving has become just as commercialized as Christmas!   I remember as a small child we didn't have turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a hen or rooster off the yard, killed the day before and baked in a brown paper bag that had been used to bring home the groceries in…