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LIFE'S HURDLES.... Wow!  I happened to look at my blog a couple of days ago and I realized that it had been two months since I had last blogged.  The only explanation I can give?  Life and the hurdles it places in our path.  In February, here in the southern part of North Carolina, there were several days that we had ice and it never fails; inclement weather always throws our life out of sync.  At least for me it does. When its icy and rainy weather I'm more apt to go straight home from work than to go to the gym were I love to workout and work on my manuscripts.  

Once the ice past, then we had several weeks of rain.  We got so much rain my husband and I joked that we needed a boat to get in and out from our home.  Unfortunately, all the rain we got drowned out a section of my dad's field and killed the wheat that was planted.  For those that know a little about farming, you know what we will be doing this spring and summer....Yep digging out our ditches. 

 During this t…