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Our tables were laden with plenty of good food, our belly's so full that all we wanted to do was get a long nap, but at 6 pm Thanksgiving evening the kick off to Black Friday sales began.  Did you go?  Did you have your list in your hands, sales paper in hand with the items marked that you wanted?  Did you take your family with you, instructing each of them that their sole purpose was to bring you back that one item that you wanted?  
So often in our world of shopping, getting and spending we often forget the ones who want to go shopping but don't have the patience to fight the crowds and definitely not the nerves it takes to drive in the traffic.  
Today, as I always do every year, I took my Mom and my aunt (my mom's sister) shopping.  I drove them to the mall and this time, might I add, I was able to keep up with them.  Two years ago, I lost them in Wal-mart during that maddening after-Thanksgiving sale.  I called my dad in a panic.  He …

#Wive's#Tales#Weather.  How many of you has ever heard of such?  It's true whither you want to believe it or not.  Here in the #southern part of #NorthCarolina, last week we had frost; matter of fact one morning it was 22 degrees.  I'm over forty, and I've never known it to be as cold as it was last week for November.  Today the highs was in the mid-70's and on my way home from work, in the northwestern sky it was lightening.  
The old wives tales says that if there is a thunderstorm in the fall/winter, then there will be snow in 7 days.  It happened last January and sure enough seven days later we had snow.    But you best believe, if we do get snow I will post a lot of pics of it.   
Do you follow the weather for when your writing scenes that involves the seasons; taking notes of what is taking place?  What about taking photos?  I do, I take notes and photos.  I always have a pen and notebook in my purse.  Leave a comment a…

On my way home from Lumberton, NC late one Friday afternoon I spotted this car in the parking lot of a restaurant.  Possibilities of a book, characters  and questions surrounding a car like this began to take hold and before I thought twice, I threw my right turn signal, crossed two lanes and honey-holed it,(as my sister calls my driving) into the parking lot.  I grabbed my camera and started taking photos.  
Don't know if I'll ever write a book that involves a car like this, but then again, the sky's the limit on that possibility.  At least that's what I tell myself.  The idea has formed, the possibility exists, it's left up to me whether I make it happen or not.   
So what is your inspiration? Do you take photos, jot down notes on multiple notepads like I do and they end up scattered all over the place including your car?  One thing I've learned during my journey in writing, is that ideas for a great book or plot can take shape and form…

Hello everyone:
If your not sure what's in the picture above, it's of a cabbage my mom and dad brought me from their garden.  Huge isn't it?  My mom and dad walked in my home and my dad said, "Hey gal, look what I brought you!"  He was all happy and smiling.  "Got turnips, mustard and the collards are bigger than a tin-tub."  I would have had cabbages in my garden too, except after I planted them, the swamp rabbits pulled them up and ate them.

It's now November 1st and I know its officially fall when:
1. My mom and dad brings me the first cutting of cabbages from their fall garden.
2. My youngest son's birthday arrives ~ October 28.
3. It's cold at night and warms up some, during the day - if the sun is out.
4. I can't decide how to dress for work - which has always been a dilemma with North Carolina weather.
5. Last but not least; at my home church, we celebrate 'Homecoming' the first Sunday i…